The key role of corporate IT reputation in driving organizational performance


  • Vincent Dutot EM Normandie, Métis Lab, Clichy, France
  • François Bergeron Université TÉLUQ, Québec, Canada


Corporate IT reputation, strategic IT orientation, IT business value, organizational performance, strategic IT alignment


In this research, we study corporate IT reputation and its impact on performance. The topic is of interest because (1) the corporate IT reputation as measured by the firm’s perceived ability to develop and sustain its IT capability reputation could be linked to organizational performance; (2) the identification of new IT success factors is needed for a better understanding of the antecedent factors leading to performance; and (3) the importance of senior leadership and reputation has been observed from a CEO’s perspective and on organizational performance but few research addressed the contribution of corporate IT reputation to organizational performance. To do so, we conducted an online survey (n=297), and performed analyses through SmartPLS, The model explains more than 40% of the organizational performance. The main findings illustrate that corporate IT reputation is directly linked to organizational performance and indirectly through mediating variables such as IT strategic alignment, IT orientation and IT business value. With this research, we identify corporate IT reputation as an additional factor explaining the contribution of IT to organizational performance. Second, we add to previous works on IT strategic alignment and its impact on organizational performance. Third and final, we underline the importance of prior IT executive experience in other firms as a key driver of corporate IT reputation and organizational performance.

Author Biographies

Vincent Dutot, EM Normandie, Métis Lab, Clichy, France

Vincent Dutot is a full professor of MIS and member of Métis Lab at EM Normandie, France. His undertakes research and consultancy in technology adoption, strategic alignment, and digital transformation of SMEs. In addition to the four books on digital, he has published in ranked journals including Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Systèmes d’Information et Management (French Journal of Management Information Systems), International Journal of Information Management.

François Bergeron, Université TÉLUQ, Québec, Canada

François Bergeron, PhD. is Professor Emeritus, Université TÉLUQ, Québec, Canada. His research and consulting activities focuses on IT contribution to business performance, IT strategic alignment, and SMEs. He published extensively in international journals such as MIS Quarterly, Journal of MIS and Systèmes d’Information et Management. He holds an M.Sc. (Economics), an MBA (MIS) and a Ph.D. (MIS) from UCLA.





Empirical research