Impact de l'EDI sur la Performancedes Équipementiers Automobiles : l'apport de l'analyse de causalité


  • Serge BAILE Université de Toulouse, IAE-MS-MISI
  • Ahmed Foued HASSAIRI Université de Toulouse, IAE



EDI investment, EDI success, Organizational performance, System approach, Path analysis, Structural linear equation model, AMOS


This study proposes a formal modeling of a process of ex-post evaluation of the resources allocated to EDI. This modeling is based on a system approach. The results of this research verify the relevance of the conceptual model suggested to evaluate the investments in the EDI. They also show the importance of four dimensions to measure the success of EDI: the quality of information, tangible benefit, improvement of the customer services and the organizational performance, in terms of strategic and financial contribution. On the theoretical level, it validates the model of research. At a methodological level, it shows the importance of the positivist approach for problems relating to the developments of the EDI practices, and implement the dependency and structural linear equation models with AMOS. At the professional level, this research characterizes the determinants of the success of the investments in EDI and allows a better use of the resources invested in this technology for the small firms in the sector of the automobile equipment's suppliers in France.



Empirical research