L'aide à la décision par l'adhésion à une association de dirigeants à finalité de réflexion et d'action sur la gestion de l'entreprise



Difficulties in providing operational tools for decision making help still persist today, notably in SMEs, where numerous decisions are taken without formalised procedures. This study addresses an original field in the company director's information system for decision making help: that provided by his or her personal network of contacts and it specifically analyses the director's participation in a directors' association. The results of a study carried out in France and Canada position the association as an efficient and satisfactory tool for decision making aid, especially in the upstream stages of the decision making process. The factors perceived by the members as being favourable for decision making help are subsequently detailed within categories relative to the association's mission, its structure, the groups that the members choose to join and how association is run.


Decision making help;Company Director;Directors' Association;SME;Canada-Quebec

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.9876/sim.v7i2.118

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