L'exposition au risque d'implantation d'ERP : éléments de mesure et d'atténuation

Jean-Grégoire BERNARD, Suzanne RIVARD, Benoit A. AUBERT


While the implementation of an Enterprise System (ERP) may lead to important benefits, it also entails a number of risks. Numerous ERP project failures have been reported in the literature, leading to major financial losses. This article proposes the essential components of a measure of ERP implementation risk. Several sources were used to develop the measure: the ERP implementation literature, the software project risk literature, and the outsourcing and project management literatures. In light of the components of ERP implementation risk, the article also reflects on some risk mitigation mechanisms.


Implementation of enterprise systems;ERP;Risk exposure;Risk measurement

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.9876/sim.v9i2.155

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