Le rôle de l'information sur Internet dans la consommation médicale : le cas des patients canadiens francophones et anglophones



The aim of this research is to study the relationship between Internet information use and medical resources consumption by French-speaking and English-speaking Canadian patients. This relationship is assessed directly and indirectly through attitude variables. The choice to distinguish between French-speaking and English-speaking patients was justified by a mean comparison analysis. The analysis of the data obtained from the diffused quantitative questionnaire was performed using SPSS and PLS statistic tools. Results showed that the direct relationship between Internet information use and medical resources consumption is significant and positive for the two samples. However, it is stronger for the Frenchspeaking sample. This result probably reflects a greater concern regarding the offer of medical information on the Internet in the French language. Research contributions are theoretical and practical. On one hand, this research is the first to test the proposed model for two different populations in terms of used languages. On the other hand, the results of this study allow becoming aware of the existence of a possible problem regarding the offer of health information on the Web.


Internet information;Heath;Patients;Quantitative research;PLS

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.9876/sim.v11i3.192

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