Pourquoi contribuer à des bases de connaissances ? Une exploration des facteurs explicatifs à la lumière du modèle UTAUT



User acceptance is one of the key fundamentals for development of knowledge management system (KMS). We purpose a model of contribution to knowledge repository in organizations. Based on both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, we validated a revised unified the-ory of acceptance and use of technology model (UTAUT). We describe a theoretical frame-work that incorporates the specific facilitating conditions to knowledge management to en-hance our understanding of KMS acceptance and usage in France. An on line survey con-ducted with 200 potential contributors, showed that performance expectancy and social influ-ence have a significant impact on intentions. Moreover, facilitating conditions, such as orga-nizing structure, available time and given time, incentives directly influenced contribution. We found no significant effect of socio demographics variables.


Systèmes de gestion des connaissances;acceptation;contribution;UTAUT;gestion des connaissances

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.9876/sim.v14i1.233

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