Podcasting efficiency in education: Empirical results for a mixed-mode formula course



The relevance to invest in new technologies, such as Podcasting, to support the universities teaching approaches is the object of interest of several research in training and education. The aim of this research is to assess empirically the efficiency of a mixed-mode educational formula using the Podcasting technology. A sample of 192 students enrolled in an online course, with access to audio records of the in-class course filled the online questionnaire. One-way ANOVA were done to compare different groups obtained from the sample. Results show that students who listened to Podcasts demonstrated a deeper learning and a greater satisfaction than those who did not. The same results are obtained for students who listened to audio records and did not go to the course in class compared to those who did not listen to audio records and were absent from the class.


Podcasting;Formule mixte;Efficacité affective;Efficacité cognitive;SPSS

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.9876/sim.v14i1.236

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