Questionning the structurationist approach in IS : a comparison with the Foucauldian approach



This research paper aims at questioning the structurationist perspective in information systems and to establish a parallel with the Foucauldian perspective. Indeed, Anthony Giddens and Michel Foucault share the same critics of essentialism and dualisms, and both question concepts that are crucial in IS research questions. Yet, these perspectives have not received the same attention in IS research. While the structurationist perspective in IS appears as one of the dominant paradigm of IS research, the Foucauldian perspective has long been neglected in French IS research. We thus seek to highlight the limitations of the structurationist perspective in IS, and to show how the Foucauldian perspective could enrich our understanding of the relationships between IS, the organisation and individual members, without falling into the traps raised by the structurationist approach in IS. 


Structuration theory, Anthony Giddens, Michel Foucault, IS-organization-actors interactions

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