Apprentissage interorganisationnel et supply chain management : évolution des modèles classiques de gestion des connaissances.



This contribution aims to propose a conceptual framework for the concept of interorganisational learning, applied to a supply chain’s context. From a monographic case study, the author describes the different stages of a learning process that happens between two companies that keep a supplier-customer relationship. This business case let appear the reality of an interorganizational learning process but reveals several conditions attached to its realization. The research brings an innovative concept that mixes learning phenomenons to knowledge management practices, and particularly to information technologies. The proposed framework places knowledge issues as a strategic challenge to supply chain management. In fact, information exchanges that drive upstream and downstream flows may evolve to core knowledge and skills shared by several actors that interact within a supply chain. Proposals for future research lead to a reflexion on a shared knowledge management and its conditions of development to improve significantly the running and the performance of supply chains.


Supply Chain Management, organisational learning, knowledge management, collaborative practices.

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