La dynamique de création de connaissances dans les processus d’innovation : Analyse comparée de quatre études de cas dans le secteur de la santé électronique

Johanna HABIB


This paper explores the knowledge creation dynamics within innovation processes based on Information and Communication Technologies. It aims to answer to the following question: what are the knowledge creation stages within innovation processes and how do they overlap? In the context of exploratory qualitative research, four case studies in the e-health sector have been achieved. The results highlight the linking of six stages of knowledge creation within studied innovation processes. Each stage implies specificities in terms of activities of innovation group, knowledge mobilized and created. The four trajectories of knowledge creation are compared in order to discuss of the similarities about the stages overlapping. The main theoretical contribution of this research concerns the building of model of knowledge creation within ICT innovation processes. This descriptive model can be used as a reporting tool for innovation processes.


création de connaissances, processus d’innovation, études de cas, santé électronique.

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