Création de trafic, expérience de navigation et performance commerciale : que nous apprennent les 500 plus importants sites marchands américains ?

Christophe Haon, Chirag Patel


Many tools are used by retailing websites to increase their performance: for example, sponsored links in search engines, e-mails, enriched content and various other functionalities. Surprisingly, the effects of these tools are not always well documented. This is especially the case for new tools. We study Top 500 North American retailing websites using covariance analysis so as to quantify the relation between these tools and various performance measures like traffic, browsing experience, behavior, and the websites’ sales. Our results give to practitioners, for the first time, a perspective into the effects of many commonly used tools, assessed simultaneously.


E-commerce, Web site traffic, Browsing experience, Conversion rate, Web 2.0

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