Fondements théoriques pour une régulation d'Internet : La légitimation faible et la réflexivité forte

Bernard FALLERY, Florence RODHAIN


Internet governance represents a hot issue, difficult to approach, both in practice of daily regulation and in theory if it is only based on the Corporate Governance vision. The objective of this article is to search for theoretical foundations in order to provide alternative regulation of this network of networks. The first part describes a state of forces and issues raised, between two visions: "the information society" and "the knowledge societies". A second section presents a theoretical framework based on two concepts from sociological research: legitimacy and reflectivity. As a result it appears that the move to two possible scenarios, a direct democracy or a representative democracy, pass through a newculture, that of solidarity and collective security. The discipline of information systems should provide insight into the conditions of this inter-organizational learning.


Internet, Governance, Regulation, Legitimacy, Reflexivity

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