Introduction de logiciels de gestion dans des petites entreprises liées à une profession libérale

Vikki L. SAGA, Robert W. ZMUD


Current theory has been integretated to explain the infusion of packaged administrative software within professional small bussinesses. Three dimensions of information systems (IS) infusion (extended, integrative, emergent use) are conceptualized at a general level and then specifically operationalized within this particular professional small business context. Determinants of IS infusion, e.g, IS maturity, top management intervention, receptivity to change, external communication, beliefs about the IS, beliefs about work tasks and capabilities to reconceptualize work tasks via IS, are explored whithin 404 veterinary hospitals via structural modeling and hierarchical regression modeling. The implications of the results to successful implementation of information systems with the professionnal small bussiness are discussed.


Information system use;Infusion;Software packages;Small business;Task redesign

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