Les récits d'apprentissage et le partage des connaissances dans les organisations: nouvelles pistes de recherches



Organizations are confronted with deliberate changes or more often undergone changes and at a rapid pace. The principal available surveys on the evaluation of thorough changes establish that most projects concerned with change fail. The most commoly used reason is that organizations are limited in their capacity of collective learning. The analysis of the links between knowledge and learning becomes more and more critical. In order to improve the diffusion of innovative practices some organizations try to develop the learning capacities of their members by using collecting, structuring and diffusing devices of practices based on narrative analysis. Comparable to life story telling, learning stories belong to new strategic approaches of storytelling organizations. An Information System for Organizational Memory (ISOM), based on Narrative Intelligence (NI) would thus sustain cooperative construction for learning stories.


Story;Knowledge management;Story telling organization;Organizational learning;Oganizational memory;Narrative cognition

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