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Functions of the laser tape measure

This type of ruler serves various functions, with most models displaying measurements in inches, decimal feet, feet, and inches, or metrics. Fast laser gauges can easily calculate distance, volume, and area. However, the best laser level on the market can calculate more complex geometries.

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This list should help you determine which laser is most helpful for your needs.

The carpenter, hobbyist, or average builder must calculate the volume, distance, and area separately. It is essential to review the summary of the functions you will perform if you plan to use this device for advanced projects.

  • Length - Used to measure the necessary distance between two points; B, the length of the baseboard, the size of the wall, or the doors and windows' width.
  • Area - Used to calculate the total area from height to width, B. the surface of a wall to be painted, tile floors, or the courtyard for landscaping.
  • Volume - Used to calculate the volume of a room from its width, length, and height; B. the amount needed to fill garden beds, the amount of water required to serve a pool, or concrete needed to build driveways.
  • Multi-area problem - is used to calculate the total area of multiple areas with standard height or length, made up of garden plots or walls.
  • Continuous Measurement - Used to take measurements along a door, wall, or another type of surface, including the edge of a lawn or property line.
  • Max / Min Measurement Mode - Used to measure accurately from a specified reference point to the longest or shortest distance from this best laser level.

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It is essential to review the summary of the functions

  • Pythagoras / Indirect Single - Used to measure height or width from a certain distance indirectly. Do you remember Pythagorean theory from high school geometry? You only need two measurements to indirectly calculate the vertical or horizontal space, along with a triangle.
  • Pythagoras / Double Indirect - used to measure portions of the overall height remotely. You will need three measurements to determine the vertical and horizontal distances along with a triangle. This is advantageous for determining the section height, such as window or balcony height.
  • Pythagoras / Indirect Combination - used to measure the total height from a given distance.
  • Trapezoid - used to calculate angled surfaces, including roof ribs, sloping ceilings, or trapezoidal front surfaces.
  • Stakeout - Used to measure the same continuous length for installing multiple holes or poles, such as light poles or fence posts.
  • Angle Measurement - Used to measure the angle between two separate elements; the angle of inclination of the ceiling, the roof's height, or the angles whose angles are broader or narrower than 90 degrees.

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Top rated laser measures are beneficial for many purposes, and there are many options on the market. As shown from the list above, there are many factors to consider when purchasing your laser measurement tool. This list should help you weigh the points and quickly determine which laser is most beneficial for your needs.