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Leica Disto D1 Laser Measure Reviews

At an entry-level, it’s crucial finding the best laser distance meter that can simplify the job as much as possible without creating complications. It’s a powerful laser distance meter that can shoot for the point immediately to improve the workflow. We have come up with the Best Laser Measure Reviews to discuss key features of the Leica Disto D1 laser measure in detail.


❖Weight: 3.04 ounces

❖Batteries: 2AA batteries

❖Laser Class: II

❖Accuracy: 1/16”

❖Working Range: 120ft

Key Features

Working Range

The working range of the Leica Disto D1 laser distance meter is 120ft. You can select the units accordingly as per your requirements. Along with an impressive working range, this device is also offering an accuracy of 1/16” to deliver precision and accuracy to a user. No matter if you are working on indoor or outdoor projects, this device is capable of delivering accurate numbers while being on a site immediately.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Leica Disto D1 laser distance meter has come up with smart Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with the maximum device in a few minutes. It also has a free Disto sketch app to design your whole project through the screen before implementing any step. This app will work on both IOS and Android systems to keep your whole plan organized without asking for assistance. This works best for people who are beginners and want something user-friendly.

User-Friendly Operation

This top rated laser tape measure has user-friendly operation without complicating the whole process of using the laser measure distance meter. It has only two buttons to operate the device so if a user is at a beginner’s level, there is no need to spend countless minutes understanding the mechanism.

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The portability of the Leica Disto D1 laser distance meter is promising and you will love the compactness. There is no need to pack the device in a separate bag when you can carry it around anywhere.

You can attach it to your belt or keep it in a pouch as well. It’s durable enough to work in any condition without losing the target. It is capable enough to measure in worse lighting conditions without delaying work.

Other Features

The other features of the Leica Disto D1 laser distance meter include two measuring modes, IP54 rated, auto laser switch off, durable battery, impressive temperature range, and other advanced features to proceed. All the basic and advanced functions of the laser distance meter will keep you satisfied throughout the measuring process without asking for help from anyone.


This best laser measure for architects is the right choice for all the people out there who need something outstanding and smart enough to adopt the patterns. This device is an appropriate match when it comes to working on outdoor tasks without compromising on quality. From the portability to creating right angles, this best cheap laser measure can deliver all the features to a user necessary to work. It can provide real benefit to your measuring abilities.