Le pari des centres de compétences dans la stabilisation des organisations en phase post-projet ERP


  • Guy Saint-Léger ESC St Etienne
  • Redouane El Amrani Reims Management School




Competency center, organizational stability, usage malfunctions, horizontal co-ordination, post-ERP project


Although ERP implementation is known to be complicated and risky, exploitation by users still remains problematic for a number of companies. Many problems arise during ERP post-implementation: integration difficulties, appropriation and decline in levels of productivity that provoke dysfunctions and critical situations which managers find difficult to handle. The purpose of this article is to show the role that a Competency Centre can play in stabilizing the organization during the ERP post-implementation and its contribution in finding solutions to organizational and technical issues. After a literature review showing the specificity of this phase and the main dysfunctions that destabilize the organization and slow down the user’s appropriation process, we shall bring to light the answers brought by CCs to mitigate these failures and stabilise the organization. A qualitative study clearly demonstrates the key role of the CC as a technical and organizational resource for accompanying the stabilization of the organization, through the treatment of the dysfunctions and the integration of new organizational routines. Finally, we end this article with a proposal for an "Idéal-type" matrix in order to adjust the various situations which could arise during the ERP post-implementation. The results of this research have the merit to allow practitioners to become aware of the importance of the CC structure in an integrated environment and to invite the IS community to be more attentive to these problems in the future.





Empirical research