Facteurs d'échec et d'abandon d'un projet de veille stratégique: retour d'expériences


  • Nicolas LESCA IAE de Grenoble, CERAG
  • Marie-Laurence CARON-FASAN IAE de Grenoble, CERAG


Strategic scanning, IS project failure factors, Project abandonment factors, Action-research


This article examines failure and abandonment factors in strategic scanning projects. 39 projects studied with action research methods are analysed. The results suggest that failure and abandonment may be provoked by any combination of factors including stakeholders' competencies and experiences, project or system management and organisation, as well as strategic alignment and internal reorganisation. Some factors are quite similar to failures and abandonment factors evoked in previous IS project literature: inappropriate management involvement, unqualified project manager and stakeholders, inaccurate expectations, and underestimated project complexity. This study also highlights two new factors that are not evoked in previous research literature on IS project failure: poor project impetus to start the project and trauma provoked by previous project failure.

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LESCA, N., & CARON-FASAN, M.-L. (2008). Facteurs d’échec et d’abandon d’un projet de veille stratégique: retour d’expériences. Systèmes d’Information Et Management (French Journal of Management Information Systems), 13(3), 17–42. Retrieved from https://revuesim.org/index.php/sim/article/view/223



Empirical research