Knowledge policy, Information System and the transformation of health and safety at Selenis


  • David Douyère Université Paris 13 - LabSic


Knowledge policy, health and safety, Intranet, network, communication.


Selenis, a major technically-based French company working in the service sector, has reviewed its approach to health and safety. This has given rise to a new preventive function, which in turn has been accompanied both by changes in working conditions and the development of a new information system. Technical and practical forms of knowledge have been replaced by procedural and legal guidelines, but also communicational and methodological tools. A hybrid information system composed of a business network and a participatory Intranet site that focuses on health and safety considerations in particular areas has proved invaluable, and notably for people working in other areas. The way in which the knowledge base and the information system have been changed thus appears to have had repercussions for health and safety, and vice versa. This research project, based on sociological observation, is both empirical and interpretive. And the present article is intended to be practical as well as theoretical. The aim is to show how a "knowledge policy" using an information system for the management of knowledge can lead to the social and functional transformation of an organisation, and specifically the managerialisation of health and safety.

Author Biography

David Douyère, Université Paris 13 - LabSic

Maître de conférences en sciences de l'information et de la Communication, responsable du master "Communication et Ressources humaines" en apprentissage.

Ses recherches portent sur la communication des connaissances par les réseaux socio-techniques et les supports écrits, numériques ou imprimés, en entreprise (dans le domaine hygiène, sécurité, conditions de travail) et dans la société (encyclopédies et connaissances).



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