Perspectives sur le phénomène de la transformation organisationnelle


  • Patrick Besson ESCP Europe
  • Frantz Rowe Université de Nantes


Transformation organisationnelle, Changement radical, Initiative de transformation, Inertie organisationnelle, Ecologie de la transformation, Processus de transformation


The topic of organizational transformation is particularly related to the specialty of information systems. From an interpretation of a chosen literature this article proposes a perspective on the phenomenon of transformation and provides a synthesis in four themes : 1) the nature of the transformation initiative, 2) the transformation ecology, 3) the transformation process, 4) the results and measures of the transformation. Then it comes back to the theories which deal more directly, yet partially, with the phenomenon, and portrays their postures, strengths and weaknesses, thus situating the contributions of this special issue of Systèmes d’Information et Management. It shows that research on organizational transformation must be reinforced on the process theme, to which this special issue contributes particularly, and on the outcomes evaluation and measure theme.

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Besson, P., & Rowe, F. (2012). Perspectives sur le phénomène de la transformation organisationnelle. Systèmes d’Information Et Management (French Journal of Management Information Systems), 16(1), 3–34. Retrieved from