ERP as as litmus tests of organizations <i>(initialy published in 1999)</i>


  • Patrick Besson ESCP Paris


information integration, strategic action, failure, cognition, conflict management, organizational engineering, process, change, project, management


The ERP raises a worrying issue: have we got the organizational paradigm and the managerial skills of the new information technologies? Based on an analysis of conflict during ERP projects,  the author shows that the cognitive maps of the "designers" are the key failure factors of ERP projects. The people in charge of implementing ERP have not the conceptual framework so far. They manage the ERP projects without taking seriously into account the impact of the technologies on the job, the power and the values of the stakeholders. In that way, the conflict is the mean by which the stakeholders push the "designers" to take into account their organizational claims. Through the ERP case, the author asks some fundamental questions about the nature and the process or organizational engineering in the information age.

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Patrick Besson, ESCP Paris

Professeur des Universités



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Besson, P. (2016). ERP as as litmus tests of organizations <i>(initialy published in 1999)</i>. Systèmes d’Information Et Management (French Journal of Management Information Systems), 21(2). Retrieved from



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